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With our AR Scanner app we’ll bring online and offline virtual content right into the direct environment of your customer. Let them expand their experience.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) consists when a digital image or an animation is placed into the real world. You can still see the real environment, but additional information is added, for example a 3D object.

The most simple way to experience augmented reality is with the camera of your smartphone or tablet. AR Scanner activates the camera, the software calculates the perspective and puts a digital layer over it. This makes it possible to add computer generated information to that digital layer in the world your camera sees.

AR Scanner

Our AR Scanner app is able to place any kind of digital information into the real world very easy. With just a simple scan and place interaction, a whole new experience awaits.

Online Content

Online content is ideal for augmented reality to use. If you see our logo and QR code in combination with a product, scan it with any device using our AR Scanner. For example: scan a photo or painting that you found on a website, place this product on a wall in your house and decide if you want to buy it later on!

Quick, easy and the best way to decorate on spot to see if it fits nicely with your interior.


Our augmented e-Commerce solutions are simple because our accessible user environment. Which is important because millions of consumers worldwide are introduced to augmented reality for the first time. All you need is a QR code next to your product on your webshop or webbanner ad to make it work and create and astonishing experience for your audience.

Offline Advertising

Any form of printed media will be the ideal way to communicate in augmented reality. For example, a monthly advertising folder with products and QR codes, which can be scanned and placed as a 3D model in your own environment. Images on t-shirts, coffee mugs, bags etc. in augmented reality, everything is possible, even animated.

Just grab a picture of a couch, chair, closet or other furniture from a printed media source, scan it with the AR-app and see this specific object as a 3D virtual product. All detailed and lifelike in your own house.

AR Business Cards

The corporate landscape has changed tremendously and with the startup culture of today, business cards are a little bit outdated. They still serve their purpose, but there are much, much more possibilities to create an interactive impression. Your client don’t want to lose your business card!

How great would it be to give your client a business card that has an extra layer, a virtual layer with way more information. Interactive elements, videos on the spot and endless creativity. Your business card will become alive and it’s always possible to change the content to your wish.

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A Superb User Friendliness and Multi Applicable Product!

Wherever a specified code from us is presented, the app can scan it smoothly and quickly. The content that you see depends on the provider, so expect a varied virtual experience!

Use ARscanner for


Bring your standard business card or invitation to life with augmented reality. Make them interactive in many ways with additional information, links, videos and more!


Scan and place products virtually in your own house. For example, a new couch that people want to see in their own living room before buying it.


What about interactive t-shirts or posters? Scan them to create an alive experience.


Add another interactive layer to your exhibition, presentation, brochures, menus and more.

"Consumers operate in a reality that is enriched with virtual content, marketeers need to integrate these new realities into their marketing strategies." - Rauschnabel, Philipp A


A selection from our applied augmented reality marketing solutions that we are proud of.

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AR Scanner

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